GPOA Special Meeting Results 10/10/02

A special meeting of the GPOA general membership was held on 10 October at the Friendship Baptist Church at 7:30 PM. The purpose of the meeting was to vote on the following POA resolution:

Be it resolved: to support the Friendship Alliance in the effort to improve Dripping Springs governance of development in the ETJ through seeking a "Declaratory Judgment" regarding the Development Agreements, if necessary, by providing $2,000.00 specifically towards an FA legal defense fund, from the GPOA general funds, for this effort.

Presentations included:

  1. Rob Baxter, President GPOA and FA introducing
  2. Terry Tull, Captain Ret. USN, CEC, Architect, Goldenwood
    Topic: DS City Council and P&Z Commission
  3. Dr. Charles O'Dell, Ph.D. Economics, Senior Economist Ret., Annheuser-Busch, USDA, Federal Reserve Advisor, Wildwood Hills
    Topic: School Tax Impacts, Lack of Fiscal Planning
  4. Bill Brock, DSISD School Board Representative, Radiance
    Topic: DS vs. DSISD Meetings, Methods, and Development, Impacts on Schools
  5. Brian Dudley, P. E., Goldenwood
    Topic: Traffic and Highway Impacts
  6. Mike Marcin, Gammage, Marcin & Ray, LLP
    Topic: Legal Issues and Potential Costs
  7. John Davis, President Lazarus Consulting, Dripping Springs
    Topic: Managing the Message
  8. Dennis Wagner, President Star of Texas Realty
    Topic: Neighboring Developer Perspective
  9. Bill Albright, President Bear Creek Estates, Pro Bono Attorney
    Topic: Response from Bear Creek
  10. Rick Levinson, President Radiance
    Topic: Radiance Response

A question and answer period followed, guests departed, and a quorum of paid up members in present or by proxy was certified by Jennifer Whitney and Bonnie Tull, Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Jennifer Whitney then convened the GPOA Meeting and acted as moderator for a discussion period. Chrissy Cowan then motioned for a vote on the proposed Resolution, Gene Mundahl seconded the vote, and the Resolution passed with a vote of 34 to 27.

Bonnie Tull, Secretary GPOA