Goldenwood Property Owners’ Association

Minutes from Annual Meeting

June 11, 2002


The meeting was called to order by President Rob Baxter


A quorem was certified by Secretary Chrissy Cowan.


Minutes from the June 6, 2001 annual meeting were read and accepted by the members.


Treasurer’s Report:


The treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Jean Backus. There was some discussion regarding the category “Professional Expenses”. These were used to pay a law firm to review the agreements between the City of Dripping Springs and Cypress Realty. In addition, money in this category was used to pay dues for GPOA membership in the Friendship Alliance. Questions were also asked about the purpose of liability insurance, which is dedicated to the mail station and other common properties owned by GPOA. The treasurer’s report was accepted by GPOA members.


Committee Reports:


Architectural and Protective Committee

(Andrew Backus)-fence line at mail station would cost about $5,000. We chose to repair old fence instead for $300. The metal oak tree on the iron gate at the entrance was also scraped and painted. The iron gate can’t be used anymore because our road is dedicated to the county.


Goldenwood had one new house constructed in the last year and one is currently under construction. We have 34 vacant lots. It is not known how many lots are available to be built on and how many are owned as “buffer” lots.


Two more issues came up: driveway aprons, and repairs of the common roads:

(1) Driveway aprons, which are required in the Restrictive Covenants, are being considered for people that don’t have these on their driveway to slow the process of road erosion at the end of each driveway (there are 34 driveways that need these). Andrew is securing more bids, but it looks as if the price will be about $600 per apron if made of asphalt; concrete would be more expensive. Homeowners needing these would have to pay for the apron. We can opt to have our whole driveway paved for a lump sum. Discussion ensued. Motion was made and accepted for the Board to write a letter to neighbors that the Board will move forward with paving entrances. The letter sent to residents will:

(a)    inform residents of their obligation to install an apron;

(b)   inform them that we have obtained a bulk price for aprons to be installed;

(c)    inform them they must respond to the Board within 30 days if they want to participate in the group purchase of the apron;

(d)   if they opt out of the group rate residents must install their own apron (satisfactory to the Board) within 12 weeks.


Current aprons will be accepted or patched.


(2) We are also looking into patching the road. We can pay materials and the county can provide the labor. Ribbon curbing, which helps prevent road erosion on high-use areas—would be needed on about 4600 feet of roadway, which would cost between $27,600-36,800. This averages about $120 a lot, to come out of the GPOA treasury. (Note: When formal bids were actually received following this meeting, it looks like the final price for ribbon curb

will be more than what was originally estimated, or about $12-$16 per foot). Dave Coffey made a motion to let APC prioritize where ribbon curbing should go. This was approved by the members. A motion was made and accepted to place a cap of $5000 a year to spend on the roads, with priority placed on the worst areas first.


We are urged to contact Russ Molenar to voice our concern about the roads, as these are ultimately the responsibility of the county.


Community Relations Committee

Rob reviewed issues regarding the city of Dripping Springs agreement with Cypress Realty and why the board decided to secure a decision from an attorney to review this agreement. J. Steinberg (officer of a neighboring POA) started with the agreement, then this went to 2 more attorneys. The FA was then created, other neighborhoods joined FA. Not all put dues into FA. Our board decided to put in $500 in the form of dues to FA. The results are that politicians are listening to us now, and the developers are modifying their original plan. Rob puts in 20-40 hours a week to negotiate w/ other politicians and public facilities on behalf of our neighborhood. Terry Tull has worked w/ EPA to protect our aquifer. In addition, Brian Dudley has worked extensively on county road planning efforts.


New Business:


(1) The Whitney’s (on Goldenwood Way) are having people dump building materials on their property line, which runs along side the PEC easement under the power lines. If anyone has had a deck remodeled by someone, please clean this up. The material is being dumped under the PEC high voltage lines, accessed via Shantivana cul-de-sac and up the driveway past the Radiance water well.


(2) Several fences have been installed, presumably to keep out the deer. According to the Restrictive Covenants, fences and fence heights need to have prior approval by the APC. Motion was made and approved to add a process for applying for a fence (and any other property improvements as specified in the covenants) with paperwork available for review to the general members upon request. The form should be sent out on our e-group and available upon request by calling an APC member. The APC agreed that there needed to be a more formal arrangement. Also decided to update sign at front entrance to Goldenwood to add our e-group address.


(3) Concern was voiced that we are involved w/ Friendship Alliance (FA), due to alleged conflict of interest for Rob to be president of both FA and GPOA. Rob offered to step down as GPOA President, but remain on board to keep GPOA presence within Friendship Alliance (no one expressed an interest in this option). Another thought was that we decide a percentage of our dues be spent on FA. Motion was made to renew membership in FA at a maximum of $500. This motion was passed 28 for, 16 against.


Making environmental issues a budget item was suggested by Dave Coffey. Specifically, the types of issues referred to here include anything over and above preservation and maintenance of the common properties. It was suggested that we authorize a maximum amount that the Board can spend, then call a general meeting if more than this is requested by the GPOA. A motion was made to authorize $200 a year (in addition to the $500 to FA). This motion was amended to $300. 29 voted to approve $300, 12 voted against.


(4) David Coffey has been working w/ a professional property manager. David feels Goldenwood could use some help through a professional property manager. Tracy Scheimenz gave a presentation (see outline titled “Association Management Proposal”) Motion was made to study this issue before we make a decision. Motion passed. Motion was made to grant the board $1000 expenditure to deal with unknown issues for “whatever might happen”. Motion was not seconded.


(5) Several live oak trees have leaves turning brown at the tips of branches at house at the corner of Goldenwood West on Crystal Hills Drive. The owner is out of town. Rob can talk to the GWW president about this problem. (Note: Andrew subsequently spoke to a consulting arborist that believes the trees have Diplodia Tip Blight, not oak wilt. It is not thought to be particularly contagious or fatal to live oaks. The trees are susceptible to disease due to the extended dry period we have experienced).




Andrew Backus, Rob Baxter, & Kevin Griffin will continue on the Board. Gareth Pollard resigned his role as vice president. Chrissy Cowan resigned as a Board member in May, one month prior to the end of her two-year term. GPOA members voted in favor of an extended term on the Board for Jennifer Whitney. Bonnie Tull was nominated and approved as the fifth trustee on the Board.


Gareth Pollard volunteered to serve on the Architectural Protective Committee, along with Brian Dudley and Andrew Backus.


A motion was made and passed to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,




Chrissy Cowan

Past-Secretary, GPOA