Minutes from Goldenwood Annual Meeting

June 6, 1999


The meeting was called to order. Gareth Pollard, GPOA president, welcomed homeowners and introduced the current board officers. Minutes from the June 1998 GPOA meeting were read by Diana Ebelen and discussed. The motion to adopt the meeting minutes was seconded.


Jane Sims read the annual treasurer’s report, with an explanation of income and expenses, with time allotted for questions. The treasurer’s report was adopted as read.


A request was made for potential officers to replace Jane Sims (treasurer), Diana Ebelen (secretary), and Gareth Pollard (president). It was decided that Chrissy Cowan would replace Diana as secretary, and Jean Carpenter would replace Jane as treasurer.


Old Business


The status of Emerald Meadows was discussed. Members of Goldenwood West hired lawyers a year ago to support their view that Emerald Meadows was originally designated as a greenbelt. This issue is still in arbitration. The tentative plan for developing Emerald Meadows involves homes on large acreage plots, with a removal of a previously planned commercial plot.


New Business


Garreth has been receiving phone calls from people concerned about dogs. Three people have been bitten while walking/jogging, and barking dogs continue to disturb the peace. The sheriff became involved in a case involving dogs bothering chickens. Neighbors were reminded of the Hays County leash law, which states that dogs should be “under your control” at all times. If a dog near you continues to be a nuisance, you can either call the sheriff, or call the dog catcher (if the dog is loose).


Problems with “boom boxes” in cars driving through Goldenwood were also discussed. Parents are asked to remind their kids to tune down the radio as they drive through the residential section.


Concerns were raised over gunfire in one of the cul-de-sacs. Neighbors are reminded that we have a restrictive covenant, which prohibits shooting ranges and firing guns in Goldenwood. If problems persist in your area, contact Gareth Pollard with the names of the people and he will handle it.


Gareth Pollard and Terri Tuttle were elected as new board members.


The burn ban was discussed, with concern raised about trees which are knocked down and left standing. Please be aware of the fire hazard this poses.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Chrissy Cowan, Secretary