Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2001




Introductions were made. Quorum was met. Gareth Pollard announced that there are now 108 lots (some have combined & some split up) with 50 plus houses. He gave a brief description of the offices and board members in the GPOA, and thanked past board members. Officers for last year were Gareth, Tom Vanatta (vice president) Jean Carpenter Backus (treasurer) Diana Ebelen (assistant secretary), and Chrissy Cowan (secretary). There is an Architectural & Protective Committee (Tom Vanatta, Andrew Backus, Craig Simecheck, and Brian Dudley)


TreasurerÕs Report

The treasureÕs reports for the past two years (2000 and 2001)

were read by Jean Carpenter Backus. An explanation was given of the dues structure, with an explanation of income and expenses, and time allotted for questions. The treasurerÕs reports were adopted as read. Copies were submitted by the treasurer as a matter of record and will be posted electronically on the Goldenwood e-group.


Election of Board Members

Gareth explained the responsibilities of board members and asked for names to be volunteered. Volunteers: Andrew Backus (2 year term), Rob Baxter (2 year term), Chrissy Cowan (3 year term), Jennifer Whitney (1 year term), Kevin Griffin (3 year term). All were approved.


Board will meet within 10 days from todayÕs date and elect a slate of officers. Meeting date and time will be posted at the mail station.


New Business

Topics discussed include:


¥Update of The Meadows. So far, it is for sale (30 acres).


¥Growth surrounding 1826: The Rutherford Ranch has been sold. John Lloyd has purchased land around Goldenwood Way. The Dripping Springs ETJ handles our area. Gareth displayed drawings from John Lloyd of development along 967. 2700 hundred acres have been bought by Cypress Investments (2700 units were previously proposed to be built on this acreage) Bills put forth by Rick Green to establish a water district were disputed by GPOA members. Gareth expressed the opinion that we should stay vigilant about development around our neighborhood. Maintaining connection through our e-group will facilitate communication among GPOA member. Contact Brad Eddins at 894-3819, or, or simply sign on to the e-group at


¥Road construction. Brian Dudley has checked on lots along Crystal Hills Road. Brian has talked with the engineer of the proposed subdivision about roads and development. There are 12 lots planned, each 2-1/2 acres. Conventional housing using well systems and aerobic drip systems are proposed, and the houses will more than likely overhang the cliff. There may be water and waste water issues (will probably cost buyers a lot of money to build because they are on a hill). There may be construction this summer. The GPOA Board needs to check into POA possibilities for these new residences. Brian has also been in contact with LloydÕs project construction project, which has two phases. The first is right across from Darden Hill road, and the second leads out from Crystal Hill Road. There has been a road proposed that would tie into Crystal Hill (across from road that turns towards fire station). Lloyd is hoping to get water from the new pipeline which will from Hwy. 290. An environmental impact study has to be done first., with the study due Sept. 2001. The county commissioners are generally in support of large development in this area. Active involvement from this neighborhood has helped provide the commissioners with our concerns. We need to continue to keep a dialog with our commissioners, Rick Green, and others concerning issues affecting our neighborhood.


¥Andrew Backus discussed a letter written by Rob Baxter following a meeting with Cypress Development. We should be concerned that the development process should be an organized approach, rather than a haphazard approach. RobÕs report will be posted on the e-group. Andrew also discussed the meeting with developers for the 2700 acres (Steve Clark), his concerns about ground water with ensuing development, and plans for more roads and a golf course. These are reasons why we should maintain communication with each other through BradÕs e-group, as well as with the developers. A suggestion was made to develop a committee to watch development issues. Many concerns were raised about the availability of water. Andrew also shared information of tax burden related to new development. Gareth commented that persons interested in getting involved with development issues should contact a board member.


Concerns from GPOA Members

¥Washout of roads was brought up. We donÕt have good drainage along the roads, which ends up tearing up the roads.


¥An inquiry was made regarding the use of GPOA funds. Gareth explained that the money is primarily used for general maintenance of the roads, mail station, and shared responsibility with the surrounding associations for the front entrance on 1826. Kevin Griffin suggested that members could repair the roads. He would provide the Bobcat to spread the material, making it an annual affair. (The county is ultimately responsible for repairing the roads). It would be helpful if everyone mowed their right-of-way, because the roots erode the roadway quickly. The clay from yards where construction is taking place is also eroding the road. Members were reminded that a base driveway needs to be done when new construction of any type is occurring on our lots. We were also reminded that our covenants state, Òthe portion of the private road or driveway between the street and the front line of a lot (within the street right-of-way) shall be paved and properly maintained in accordance with Hays County paving specifications.Ó


¥Dogs: Most of the calls Gareth gets concern dogs. A few people have been bitten. The animal control people donÕt respond out here as quickly or frequently. They canÕt do anything unless the dog is caught and tied up. Members were reminded that your dog should be in your control at all times.


¥Boats, trailers, RVÕs are not to be parked within view of the street.


¥The mail station is looking nice. Front entrance is done by the three associations. Electric bill (for the lights) and grounds maintenance is split. An effort has been made to xeriscape the entrance. Opposite side is getting overgrown and debris is collecting. Talk to Gareth, itÕs ok to mow if you want.


¥Deer: Brian Dudley discussed possibility of reducing deer. Remember that discharging guns in the neighborhood is against the covenants. Some neighbors have found up to 4 dead deer in their yards.


Motion to adjourn was made and seconded.


Respectfully submitted,




Chrissy Cowan

Secretary, GPOA