Trustees/ Officers:

Rob Baxter, President

Andrew Backus, Vice-President

Jim McCune, Treasurer

Louise Harrison, Secretary

Kevin Griffin, At Large




     Meeting called to order at 7:55 pm.

   Quorum certified by Secretary: 42 lots represented out of 53 lots eligible to vote  (only those paid up for 2004 dues are eligible to vote)

   Introductions of Trustees and Architectural Preservation Committee members given by President, Rob Baxter

   Secretary, Louise Harrison, read a summary of the Minutes of the 2003 GPOA meeting

   Treasurer, Jim McCune, read Treasurer's report

Old Business



Lawn maintenance --being done by Ian Pollard and all agreed that he's doing a good job.


þ      Mail Station Paving  --Kevin Griffin recommended a "seal coat" rather than another layer of asphalt.  Motion made, seconded and passed to have a seal coat applied to the mailstation area.


Landscaping improvements --Jim McCune reported that $5K was approved last year for mailstation improvements along with $300/mo for maintenance.  He formed a committee of Pam Bell, Jim Kelly and Anya Darrow and got several proposals from landscapers. Two of the three plans were workable.  Exploration into how to get a reliable water source was done and several options were identified for the landscaping

      Plan A -- Spend $10-13K over a few years and put the water infrastructure in first;

      Plan B -- Spend the approved $5K, get volunteers to water and go back to GPOA later on for additional funds as necessary

       Plan C -- Stay with what we have now using minimal funds to maintain ($300/mo still authorized).

þ      Motion was made, seconded and passed to table last year's $5K initiative and to select Plan C.  Jim is to follow up as necessary with the committee.

     Several neighbors asked if some planting could be done on a volunteer basis in the "triangle" area. 


Animal Control - Rob Baxter reported that he has received no calls since he put up Animal Control info last year.  Goldenwood West is coming up with a plan regarding coyotes in area.  Andrew Backus said that Texas Parks and Wildlife are being called in to do a limited kill.  Andrew to notify community about the upcoming meeting with TPW.


Driveway aprons -- Community voted last year to revisit the topic this year.  No real interest in pursuing this any further at this time.  Thanks given to those who did surface their driveway aprons voluntarily.


Architectural Protection Committee -- had no formal reports to make.

New Business



Oak Wilt -- Andrew Backus asked Harvey Bell to provide an update.

 To summarize:

     Harvey Bell said he's inoculated about 20 trees in his yard and he's spent $3350 to date.  He did not wish to trench on his property and has been told that trenching is about 66% effective.  The Board wanted him to trench on his property.  He noted his objection to the Board's consideration of a resolution that included potential  legal remedies to this situation.  Harvey has marked out a route on his property where he would allow a trench to be dug if the GPOA wished to pursue a trenching option, but he does not intend to spend any money on trenching.

þ      After much discussion on the topic, a motion was made, seconded and passed to spend up to $3K towards trenching on the Bell's property in accordance with a trenching plan outlined by Eric Beckers of the Forest Service which provides for 50% cost allowance by the Forest Service.  GPOA funds would go towards the remaining 50% of the trenching fee.

þ      Additionally, a further $3K was authorized to pay for an Oak Wilt Survey of the neighborhood to give us a baseline of tree conditions and to identify other possible problem areas

     Harvey Bell, Andrew Backus and Rob Baxter were to follow up on trenching for Bell's property

     Andrew and Rob to followup with various contacts regarding aerial mapping of area.


Wizard Academy - Andrew Backus reported that the purpose of the Wizard Academy is to provide weekend seminars 3 times/mo to executives.  The facilities will be available for public use by permission.  The organization seems to be neighborly and has plans to leave the area in a 90% natural state and to build a "green" facility.


1826 improvements --  Rob reported that 1826 is possibly set for expansion to 3 or 4 lanes.  Travis Co is planning on improving it from Mopac to Seton.


Road Shoulder Cleanup --  Andrew Backus suggested that we get a quote on having the first 4 feet of the Right of Ways (between our lots and the street) cleared.  This would minimize any problems created by the County coming through and "hacking" our trees with their vertical shears leaving our trees in a mess.  Everyone agreed to the idea and AB is to get a quote to present to the community.

     A further suggestion was made for homeowner's to trim their own 4' wide swath.


Annual party -- Thanks were extended to Chrissy Cowan and Julie McKeon for their work on last year's successful party

þ      A motion was made, seconded and passed to allocate $1500 to an annual party

     Rob Baxter to talk with Julie and Chrissy about assistance with the party and Carol Hardin volunteered to assist.


Friendship Alliance dues -- Rob thanked the GPOA on behalf of FA for their contribution to the ongoing effort of the Alliance.  He went over the successes of the last 12 months including the settling of the lawsuit with the City giving us 90% of what was being sought...proper notification of neighbors; submission of development plans to Planning and Zoning; commitment to legal lengths of terms of agreements.

     Special thanks extended to Terry Tull and Andrew Backus for all of their work on our behalf

     Rob indicated that one benefactor has offered $5K towards a website for the FA

     Rob shared that the work of the FA has led to the Mayor being more pro-active about calling with updates and/or asking for neighborhood support on particular issues.

     Rob encouraged folks to attend regional planning meetings

þ      Motion was made, seconded and passed to authorize GPOA annual dues contribution to the FA of $500

Election of Trustees



Election of Trustees -- Kevin Griffin's term expired and he was interesting in renewing for another term, Louise Harrison had completed her one-year commitment as Secretary.  Richard Poe was interested in joining the Board with the intent of filling the role of Secretary.  Louise offered to resign from the Board so that 2 positions were open with 2 people interested.  The Board will assign officers at the next Board meeting.

þ      Motion was made, seconded and passed to elect Kevin and Richard as Trustees for a two year term each. 





Meeting was adjourned around 10 pm.



[Meeting notes posted at mailstation 6/21/04]




Louise Harrison, GPOA Secretary